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DPIAndPPIThe calculation formula

AboutDPIAndPPIThe problem,Before we publish an article(The right side)。But there is still a bad friend said understanding。In fact,If you are a mathematical brain,You can use mathematical methods to understand。Please see to...

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8The right way to make customers happy little

Have you ever heard of a word,Is called:You can never please all the people all the time? But if you work in a creative sectors,You'd better rethink this sentence。Because in the industry,It is important to try to make all customers happy...

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Clear pictureAdobe CCCommonly used shortcut

Shortcut is a master sword,Is the soul of the workflow。Familiar with shortcuts,Can save a lot of mouse clicks、Rummaging through the menu、Repeated operation, etc,Make work efficiency is improved。 Designer charging stations for today...